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From the very first frames of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the protocol droid and his astromech companion captured the hearts and minds of viewers around the world.

Originally released in 2011, C-3PO and R2-D2 join once again the ARTFX+ line in this exclusive 2 Pack reproduction.
Both droids are sculpted to perfection, capturing all of the interesting mechanical details that made them so famous from C-3PO’s hydraulic joints and exposed wiring to R2-D2’s intricate paneling.

Both heroic droids come with alternate parts for different display options : R2-D2 can be posed standing upright on two legs or leaning back on three while C-3PO has poseable arms and swappable hands !

ARTFX+ Statues are fun-to-assemble pre-painted snap-fit kits that can be easily put together in seconds without glue or modeling skill. C-3PO and R2-D2 stand just over 16cm and nearly 10cm tall respectively (1/10th scale).

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Suitable for Ages 14+

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